Bridges Consulting —
we build the bridges to success
We build bridges to bring new clients into your business
We build bridges to encourage foreign businesses to discover their opportunities in Ukraine
We build bridges to ensure your business ideas get the most detailed road map and are successfully implemented
We build bridges to promote your business interaction with the state
We build bridges to help you enter new prospective markets
We build bridges to connect you to your new keys to success

About us

Bridges Consulting is a team of young and ambitious professionals inspired with a mission to contribute to putting new businesses to life and revive the existing business projects. We create and manage by ourselves, we trust in drive and spirit of entrepreneurship, and we strongly believe those who make business are the ones driving the world to make it a better place.

Our target is to help you to embody your business ideas, expand and evolve them in Ukraine and abroad. The team of Bridges Consulting unites a pool of various sector professionals to ensure the most comprehensive support, no matter what your targets are: developing a business plan to give life to your business idea or improving your active business structure, helping Ukrainian companies to embrace new markets or establishing foreign business presence in Ukraine, market analysis or legal support.

Your challenges are our challenges.


We are highly experienced and provide the best quality service to various industry sectors:


Our competence:
Launching “greenfield” businesses
Market research
Generating business models based on sector-specific features and legal frameworks
Deal/business structuring in in Ukraine and abroad
Legal support of on-going business activities
Analyzing Ukrainian legal frameworks in different industry sectors and interpreting/adapting those for our clients’ business purposes
Analyzing business processes and converting existing challenges into new opportunities
Helping our clients to embrace foreign markets
Assisting foreign businesses to efficiently structure their investments in Ukraine, comprehensive support of investment projects
Comprehensive support to clients concluding and performing their cross-border deals (including goods’ procurement)
Introducing our clients’ efficient and effective communications with governmental and local authorities
Protecting our clients’ legal interests in Ukraine and abroad

Practice areas

Our team advises a pool of clients on various legal matters:
Corporate law
of contracts
(civil and economic) law
Intellectual Properties
Tax law
Land law
Domestic and foreign


Svitlana Kolomiyets
Managing partner, attorney at law, GR-expert

Practice areas: corporate law and the law of contracts, PPP regulation, interaction with governmental and local authorities.

Industry sectors: IT, construction and development, services businesses, waste management and disposal, ecology, energy sector.

Professional experience: counts 11 years of legal practice, 9 of them in advising various corporate clients. Admitted to bar since 2012, held the position of the Deputy Minister of Ecology of Ukraine during 2015-16.

Education: Master of Law degree (2008) from Economic and Law Department of Donetsk National University, John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University (USA) – 2014, Master degree in Business and Innovation (2018) from Lviv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University.

Social activities: Counsel to the Minister of Ecology and natural resources, Counsel for ecology matters to the head of Ukrainian National Agency for Energy Saving and Efficient Energy Use, Waste Management Counsel to Kyiv City Mayor, co-founder of the ReThink social initiative promoting the closed closed-loop economy in Ukraine.

Oleksiy Voschak
partner, head of Financial Analysis practice

Practice areas: developing new business models and improving existing ones based on the sector-specific features and legal frameworks. Implementation of financial instruments to designed to control and analyze business efficiency.

Professional experience: counts over 13 years of practice in banking sector, IT sector and various services’ sectors. On-line coach in “Excel for Business Purposes” course.

Education: Master of Finance (2007) from Kyiv National Economic University named after V.Het’man.

Larysa Nemesh
partner, head of Operational Management and Service practice

Practice areas:
Launching ‘greenfield’ businesses and rearranging active businesses: developing business models, market trend research and analysis, competition analysis, building up the effective business team, analyzing and introducing/improving internal business processes and business execution management processes, high quality client service and business systems.

Industry sectors: e-commerce, real estate management, services’ business, social businesses, social sector management and management of non-commercial projects.

Professional experience: accounts for 11 years of practice in e-commerce and IT sectors, real estate and development, services’ business, management of non-profit (social) sector entities.

Education: Master degree in Business and Innovation (2014) from Lviv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University, Master degree (2010) from Lviv Ivan Franko National University.

Social activities: AIESEC international youth organization (2006-2011), head of AIESEC office in Ukraine (2010-2011).

Anna Krycenko
partner, head of Legal Support practice, attorney at law

Practice areas: corporate law, commercial law, tax law, land law, banking and finance, dispute resolution

Industry sectors: cross-border trading, iron and steel production, real estate and development, FMCG and retail

Professional experience: legal practice started in 2007 and includes serving corporate clients, representing clients’ interests in civil, administrative and commercial courts, advising governmental and local authorities, legal support to various cross-border transactions.

Education: Master of Law degree (2008) from Economic and Law Department of Donetsk National University, Candidate of Legal Sciences degree (2013) from Economic and Law Research Institute at National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Emil Kupayhorodsky
OF Counsel for Intellectual Property Rights Protection, Corporate Law and Law of Contracts, attorney at law

Practice areas: M&A, ІТ, IP, corporate law, law of contracts, banking and finance, dispute resolution

Industry sectors: IT, energy sector, agri-business, stock market, real estate and development, international trade and finance, private international law

Professional experience: practicing as attorney at law since 1999. Started its legal practice as a legal associate engaged with the US law firm, then managed the legal departments in a number of companies widely known in Ukraine: a US investment company, a Ukrainian investment bank, a Ukrainian IT company, a US energy corporation.
Representing various companies at the International Arbitration Court of the Commerce and Industry Chamber of Ukraine, as well as in commercial, civil and administrative courts.
Legal support to IT businesses; property, organizational and corporate restructuring of business holdings; implementing internal business execution and compliance measures to ensure clients’ legal safety; legal management and support to various investment projects, including construction and development of industrial and other real estate projects, acquisition of production industry businesses, energy sector businesses, agri-businesses and retail businesses; developing and implementing internal business process regulations for large-scale companies,

Education: law Department at Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University